Tackling a small fire with a fire extinguisher may make the difference between a minor incident and a full-scale disaster.  Extinguishers are essential for the safety of your staff and visitors.  They can also help to protect property and ensure business continuity by preventing a small fire develop into something more serious.

Aslan Fire’s range of portable fire extinguishers bears the BSI kitemark and cover most areas of risk from the fabric of the building to high risk applications.

How can Aslan Fire help you?

  • Provide you with a free no obligation quotation to assess your extinguisher needs
  • Provide a full installation service in accordance with BS 5306-8: 2003
  • Provide a comprehensive Commissioning and Maintenance service to BS 5306-3: 2009
  • Provide fire extinguisher training for end users

Call us now on 03330 500 999 or contact us at info@aslanfire.co.uk to arrange your free no obligation quotation.